To promote knowledge, interest, education, and the enjoyment of bonsai and other living plant materials…



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Program 2014

Date Topic Presenter
January 11 Finding a Tree, Where and What Jim Gumnick
February 8 Repotting, When and How David Morgan
March 8 Garden Show Prep Members
April 12,13 Garden Show Members
May 10 Bonsai Tools, Use and Care Norma Gault and Carl Brock
June 14 Why and How, Pruning and Wiring Tom Scott
July 12 Making Pots at Lookout Mountain Pottery Mark Issenberg
August 9 What is on the Net? Anne Barron
September 13 Soils, Formulas and Species Dat Tran
October 11 Bonsai As Art Mary Portera,Guest Speaker
November 8 Winterizing/Election Round table
December 13? Christmas Party/Auction Anne Barron


Auctions will be silent with minimum bids except for special items.
A collecting field trip may follow the March meeting at a convenient time.
Member collection visitations will be as invited by member.